Welcome to "Gorodeya Falvarak" hotel!

Our hotel is situated in a picturesque historical place, in the town of Gorodeya. Prince Albrecht Radzivil built a manor in its vicinity in 1603 and gave it that name. Since that time, for more than 400 years, this spot has been attracting travelers.

There is a number of celebrated architectural monuments in the town e.g. the Radziwils’ ancestral castle (1590), Roman Catholic church of Corpus Domini (1593), Town hall ensemble (1596), convent of Benedictine nuns (1595), Dominican monastery (1672), Slutsk Town gate (1610) in the town of Nesvizh, an administrative centre of the district.

The "Gorodeya Falvarak" hotel started in 2005. During the years of its existence, over 10 thousand guests from 20 countries of the world were received, they could appraise the service level and quality. Our small and cosy hotel enjoys deserved popularity among tourists and businessmen.

Our hotel has a peculiar style and relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are decorated in cheerful and light key. The furniture is up-to-date and comfortable. You will be received by heedful and tactful staff doing their best to ensure your pleasant sojourn.

In our agreeable cafe, you will be offered a large variety of dishes of European and Belarusian cuisine. The chief cook will prepare uncommon specialties of the house and traditional dishes served in her own dressing. Here you can enjoy a cup of flavoured coffee or have business-lunch with your partners.

We hope the "Gorodeya Falvarak" hotel will become your favourite place and you would like to visit it once again.

We are always glad to have you as our visitor!

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