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The "Gorodeya Falvarak" hotel
7 Gagarin str., 222611, Gorodeya, Nesvizh district, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus

Telephone: +375 1770 64 701

Mob. phone (reception): +375 29 5001028

Fax: +375 1770 64 705


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The "Gorodeya Falvarak" hotel is situated in a readily accessible point:

  • railway station – 2 km
  • highway "Minsk-Brest" M1/Е30 – 8 km
  • airport "Minsk-2" – 145 km
  • bus-stop (to Gorodeya and Nesvizh centre) is in front of the hotel

How to reach us:

branch railway Minsk-Brest to Gorodeya station

first to the towns of Nesvizh or Gorodeya and then to the bus-stop "Gorodeya sugar refinery"

highway "Minsk-Brest" M1/Е30, then turn to Nesvizh

In the vicinity of the hotel, there is a restaurant called "Tavern for Friends", sports and fitness complex, JSC "Gorodeya Sugar Refinery".

Historical monuments of the country

Our country has seen a lot of historical events and developments. It was the rise and fall of the Great Princedom of Lithuania (XIII-XVI centuries) testified by the historical memorials in the towns of Nesvizh and Mir. Gorodeya lies just in between. It was the rise and fall of Rzeczpospolita (1569-1795), the confederation of the Great Princedom of Lithuania and Kingdom of Poland which is testified by the heritage of the Radzivill family. It was the annexation of these lands first by the Russian Empire in 1795 and then by Poland in 1921 and finally their return to Belarus in 1939.

Nesvizh palace-and-park ensemble of the XVI-th century
Catholic church of the XVI-th century in Nesvizh Castle of the XVI-th century in Mir, Korelichi district Town Hall of the XVI-th century in Nesvizh

Different historic epochs impressed the culture, mode of life and traditions of local Byelorussians but did not affect adversely their diligence and hospitality.

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